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A Business Coach Can Help You Overcome Many Obstacles

When we’re in high school and college, we understand that our coaches and mentors can help us play a better game, but we lose sight of that once we enter the business world. However, you are not on your own, and there are a few different ways that a business coach can help you make the most of your career or entrepreneurial ventures.

Here are some tips on how to know if you need a helping hand and how to get your company on the right track with the help of a business coach.

Career Coaching Vs. Business Mentorship

It's first important to understand whether you’re actually seeking a career coach or business mentor. A career coach is a service or individual that can assist you with job placement, interview preparation, salary negotiation, and more. A business coach can help you be a more accountable entrepreneur and give you tips and guidance on how to make your business a more viable product.

Do I Need Help?

Only you can answer that question, but a few signs to look for that might indicate professional struggles include being overwhelmed, needing to refine skills in areas outside of your expertise, and failure to formulate a clear vision. 

Choosing A Strategic Partner

Choosing your business coach or professional mentor isn’t always easy. You ideally need someone that is within your industry and has a proven track record of success. Beyond their professional credentials, you also have to find somebody that is a keen communicator — communication requires honesty and the ability to listen — and whose personality complements yours.

While your budget will matter, you cannot rely on price alone to be an indicator of an individual’s abilities to help you grow your business or succeed in your career. Remember, you are not only paying for your coach’s knowledge but also their ability to support you and help you refine your decisions as you grow professionally. 

DIY Business Updates

Although a career coach is a valuable investment, it’s not always in the budget. If you find yourself with the need for a helping hand but can’t quite afford a private consultation, there are a few services that let you DIY many of your most pressing matters. These include:

  • Task management. Many of us struggle with staying on task and looking ahead for the next 30 days so that we can best plan our business strategies. Fortunately, you can create an online calendar using a template, which you can then customize with everything from video and graphics.

  • Marketing yourself. A key to success in the business world is being able to successfully market yourself and your ideas. That begins with an effective resume. Fortunately, a resume creator makes it easy to make a good impression. With online tools, you can update your resume and customize its appearance to your liking. Then you’ll be equipped to get your foot in the door.

  • Business formation. Each state has different rules and regulations around forming a corporation or LLC. If you are interested in starting an S Corp in South Dakota to reap the benefits of lower self-employment taxes and pass-through taxation, there are several steps to follow, including deciding on a business structure. A formation service company can assist you in these matters, making the process quick and straightforward.

There are currently more than 57,000 business coaches in the United States, according to data from IBIS World. Each of these will have a unique skill set and availability, and no two are alike. When it’s time to choose your business coach, start by identifying your weak areas, and then look for a partnership that might benefit you in the long run. Although it is an investment, the skills you will learn from your coach are an asset. But don’t be discouraged if you can’t afford it, and remember, there are many things you can do on your own that will help you grow and thrive throughout the startup days.

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